Essex's Rebellion 1601

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  • Essex's Rebellion 1601
    • Causes
      • The Queen took away his monopoly of sweet wines, and his public office titles for abandoning his post in Ireland
      • He was placed under house arrest
      • The Queen and Essex had a heated exchange where he almost drew his sword
    • Events
      • Essex took 4 PC members hostage and brought them to his London home with 20 followerd
      • Cecil labelled him a traitor, and many rebels left
      • Essex returned home, to find the hostages had been released by supporters that abandoned him
    • Results
      • Essex and his supporters were arrested.
      • He was privately executed, some of his followers were just fined
    • Significance
      • Lack of popular support shows it wasn't a serious threat=> shows her popularity
      • Rebellion does show her strength is weakening and she was no longer using patronage effectively


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