spalding samba em preludio

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  • Esperanza Spalding- samba em preludio
    • performing forces and their handling
      • female voice, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass guitar
      • the vocal line is low in the female range and uses the chest register
      • words are set syllabically
      • contains many leaps and complex rhythms- triplets and semiquavers
      • rubato- used slight variation from the score
      • bass solo with double stops and mordents
      • acoustic guitar solo, also sometimes imitates vocals
    • Structure
      • intro, verse, link, verse, guitar solo, voice and bass duet, coda
    • Tonality
      • B minor key
      • Bossa novas often use minor keys
      • music does not modulate
    • Texture
      • intro- monophonic
      • homophonic
      • polyphonic passage 89-104
    • Harmony
      • essentially tonal
      • jazz and American influences
      • chord extendions
      • diminished 7ths
      • chromatic chords
      • descending chromatic movements in the bass line
    • Melody
      • two main melodies, heard separately at first
      • Verse 1 (A)
        • 8- Bar idea
        • a series of phrases
        • melodic line moves unusually by leaps of a 3rd or 7th
      • Verse 2 (B)
        • 16- Bar idea
        • entirely conjunct melody
    • Tempo, metre and rhythm
      • rubato to start and then quadruple time
      • verse 1 never syncopated
      • triplets
      • bossa nova rhythms
      • dotted crotchet and quaver pairs


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