Eschatology: The Last Rites

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  • The Last Rites
    • Anointing of the Sick
      • begin with sprinkle holy water = baptism reminder
      • priest lays hands on head of sick = call power of Holy spirit = sense of peace, strength + courage
      • priest blessed oil + anoints forehead + hands of sick = asks god for help in his "love + mercy"
      • anointing gives hope of new life with eternal happiness
      • sick confesses sins + priest forgives them = face the future with clear conscience
      • holy communion is given to sick - christ is present with them , supports them through illness
    • Commendation of the Dying
      • short service centred around the dying person receiving last holy communion = viaticum
      • dying person may hold a crucifix = sharing in christ death
      • dying person may repeat promises made in baptism = reminder of faith + gives confidence that they will receive gods love in heaven
      • a bible reading + prayers are given = assures God is with them
        • Litany of the Saints = asks the saints for their prayers as the dying person faces Gods judgement
      • receives their last holy communion = christ is with person of journey from death to new life
      • at the moment of death prayer said "go forth, christian soul, from this world" = expresses the hope that the person will be able to experience eternal peace + happiness with God when they die


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