Erythrocytes - types of red blood cells

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  • Erythrocytes Red blood cells
    • Normal
      • Reticulocyte
        • Immature red blood cells
        • A high level of reticulocyte will suggest an abnormally large amount of bleeding. Body releases these to replenish lost blood volume
      • Microcyte
        • An old RBC, ready to be removed from circulation
        • A high levels suggests regenerative issues. Body has to keep them in circulation as they are not being replaced
    • Abnormal
      • Basophillic stippling
        • Nuclear remnants
        • Suggestive of regenerative anaemia - being released prematurely they have not fully developed yet
      • Heinz bodies
        • Extracellular protrusions from the cell
        • suggests toxicity e.g. oxidising agents such as paracetamol
        • Low numbers normal in cats
        • Increased numbers can suggest hyperthyroidism, lymphoma and diabetes mellitus
      • Howell-Jolly bodies
        • Inclusions within the RBC
        • Low numbers normal in cats
        • Increase with regenerative anaemia
        • Usually removed by the spleen


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