Erosional landforms part 2

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  • Erosional landforms
      • Where weaker rock has been eroded away, leaving differences in the levels of the valley floor
      • The glacier flows over less and more resistant rock
      • Less resistant rock is eroded down by abrasion and plucking exposing deep troughs / depressions
      • Confluence of 2 glaciers = more errosive power
      • Large narrow lake occupying a U-Shaped valley - stored in depressions
      • Once the glacier has melted the meltwater and rainwater collects in the rock-step depressions
      • Lake depth depends on compressional and rotational flow --> more abrasion power
    • Roche Mutonee
      • A rocky hill - smooth rounded up-valley stoss side, downward rigid lee side
      • As a glacier meets an obstacle, pressure increases - melting occurs
      • Ice melts causing basal sliding
      • Abrasion leaves striations as rock debris is dragged along the surface
      • On the lee side the ice refreezes pulling large pieces of rock away due too plucking


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