Erosion, Transportation and Depostition

Laterl and Vertical erosion, 4 processes of erosion, transportation and Depostion

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  • Erosion, Transportation & Deposition
    • Lateral & Vertical Erosion
      • Lateral: DEEPENS the river valley making it V-shaped. Dominant in the upper course of a river
      • Vertical: WIDENS the river valley. Dominany in the middle & lower courses of the river.
    • 4 processess of erosion
      • SOLUTION: Only occurs when river flows over certain type of rocks such as chalk and limestone. These rocks are soluble in rainwater and dissolved by the water
      • ABRASION: Load the river is carrying hits river bed and banks causing some material to break off
      • HYDRAULIC ACTION: Sheer force of water hitting the bed and banks. This is most effective when a lot of water is moving fast
      • ATTRITION: Rocks and stones that are carried by the river, knock against each other. Over time they are weakened causing bits to fall off and reduce in size
    • Transportation
      • SOLUTION: The dissolved load (limestone/chalk) ,so load isn't visible because it has been dissolved by rainwater as it is carried by the river
      • SALTATION: Small stone and grains of sand are bounced along the river bed in a hopping motion
      • SUSPENSION: Very fine material in water floats in the river and moved along as it flows
      • TRACTION: Largest rocks and boulders are pushed and rolled along river bed
      • Happens when a river slows down (loses velocity)
      • when the river drops the eroded materials its carrying
        • Amount of eroded material in river increases
        • Water is shallower e.g. Inside of a bend
        • River reaches its mouth
        • Volume of water in river falls




Vertical erosion deepens the river (not widens) and occurs mostly in upper course. Likewise, lateral erosion widens the river (not deepens) and occurs in the middle course (where there are meanders) and lower course.

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