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  • Erosion
    • Marine erosion can be from wind, ice, river, human activity of the sea.
    • Types of erosion
      • Abrasion
        • where rocks are hurled at the cliff face and the load wears it away
      • Hydraulic Action
        • when water is forces air into cracks and crevices, gradually wearing the rock away
      • Attrition
        • the load collides and grinds away causing sand to form
      • Solution
        • particles dissolve in the river
    • Factors controlling the rate of erosion
      • Coastal factors
        • rock type - softer rock erodes more
        • rock structure - weaknesses like joints are more easily eroded
        • rock trend - concordant or discordant coastline
        • angle of dip of the beds - towards the sea means more resistant
        • shelter from islands, headlands - energy is absorbed
        • size of beach and coastal vegetation - absorb wave energy
        • relief - higher areas are more exposed to other processes
      • Marine factors
        • depth of water - when the water is deeper there is more energy
        • wave energy - the bigger the fetch, the more energy
        • tides - small tidal range means more erosion
        • direction of prevailing winds and storm frequency
        • amount of load carried
        • rising sea level
      • the role of human activity
        • level of coastal protection


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