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  • Erosion
    • Rivers
      • When a river wears away rocks from their bed and their banks
        • The material is carried downstream and deposited when the water slows down
    • Ice
      • A glacier is a tongue of ice moving down a valley
        • Stones and boulders fall onto it and freeze
          • It acts as sandpaper to the rocks beneath it
        • the glacier carries the materials downwards and at the same time wears away the valley bottom and sides
    • Sea
      • coastline are under constant attack by waves
      • when the waves repeatedly hit the rock with a lot of weight, the rock is weakened
        • pieces then break off
          • the current carry loose material away and deposit it elsewhere
    • Wind
      • The wind picks up tiny particles of sand
        • It is blasted into anything that is in the way
      • desert rocks are often eroded into strange shapes by this sandblasting effect


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