Eric Birling - Inspector Calls

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  • Eric
    • Personality
      • Awkward + embarassed
        • He interrupts Sheila + Gerald when he "suddenly guffaws"
      • Guilty + frustrated
        • "Oh - my God - how stupid it all is!"
      • Unloved
        • "you don't understand anything. You never did"
      • Cares about Eva
        • "so I gave her enough money to keep going"
      • Sensitive
        • "my God - I'm not likely to forget"
      • Alcoholic
        • "I was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty"
      • Modern in his thinking
        • "why shouldn't they try for higher wages?"
      • Irresponsible
        • "I didn't even remember - that's the hellish thing"
    • Key Quotes
      • "half shy, half assertive"
        • "shy" - unease within family - sense of isolation/ abandonment he feels towards his parents
        • "assertive" - has confidence in some ways
      • "why shouldn't they try for higher wages?"
        • rhetorical question - ironically depicts frustration on  hearing about exploitation of lower class workers
      • "suddenly guffaws"
        • showing erratic behaviour early on to foreshadow events
          • builds mystery and tension
      • "I didn't even remember - that's the hellish thing"
        • use of adverb "even" shows he is disgusted at his own behaviour
    • Role
      • drunkenness represents bad side of the Birlings
      • Birling disappointed with him
        • Gets on better with Gerald, must be upsetting for Eric
      • parents don't want a scandal
        • don't care about him as much as they care about what people will think
      • forces himself on Eva/Daisy and gets her pregnant
        • doesn't even remember doing it


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