Eric Birling

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  • Eric Birling
    • Son of Mr and Mrs Birling and brother to Shelia
    • Works in his father's firm
    • Drinks
    • Admits that he made Eva Smith pregnant after meeting her at the Palace Theatre
    • He gave Eva Smith money that he stole from his father's firm
    • Accuses his mother of murdering his unborn child and her grandchild
    • Acknowledges his irresponsibility towards Eva Smith and accepts the Inspector's words
    • It can be argued that Eric's change is not as profound as Sheila's
    • Emotional
      • "You killed her - and the child she'd have had too - my child"
    • Immature
      • "You told her! Why you little sneak"
    • Reserved
      • "You're not the type- you don't get drunk" - Mrs Birling
      • "You're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's in trouble. That's why"
    • Sympathetic
      • "It isn't as if you can go and work somewhere else"
    • "In his early twenties, not quite at ease, half shy, half assertive"
    • Vociferous
      • "You're beginning to pretend as if nothing's really happened at all. And I can't see it like that. The girl's still dead, isn't she?"
    • It is  insinuated in the play that  Eric ***** Eva Smith


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