Ergogenic aids

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  • Ergogenic Aids
    • definition
      • anything that enhances your performance
    • carbo - loading
      • a dietary strategy used to increase glycogen stores prior to an event or performance
      • high intensity exercise seven days before an event to deplete glycogen stores, a diet high in fat and protein is consumed
      • 3-4 days before a diet high in CHO and fluid is consumed - increases glycogen storage
      • a CHO rich meal 2-4 hours before tops up liver glycogen stores prior to the event
    • fluid intake
      • if there is a reduction in fluid intake; body water decreases, plasma volume decreases, stroke volume decreases, increases HR
      • sports drinks
        • isotonic - fluid hydration and replenish glucose during endurance athletes
        • hypotonic - lower levels of glucose than blood, 10-15 minutes to reduce dehydration
        • hypertonic - recover drink, high levels of glucose
    • creatine supplements
      • made up of amino acids and found in some animal foods - naturally in the liver / kidneys
      • used to resynthesize ATP & tablets aim to increase performers PC levels
    • human growth hormone
      • thought to increase fat free mass, blood glucose levels, stimulate bone growth
      • banned
    • gene doping
      • future improvement in just about all physical factors
      • still being researched
      • banned
    • blood doping
      • increase red blood cells, increase haemoglobin,
      • banned


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