Ergogenic aids 

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  • Ergogenic aids
    • Chemical
      • Creatine- enhances ATP-PC system by 20%= 12s
      • Glutamine- post exercise reinforcing immune system
      • Caffeine- stimulates CNS but is a diuretic thus dehydration
      • Alcohol- small quantities= relaxant but decreases performance. Dehydration
      • Carbo-loading- 70%, complex carbs, increases glycogen stores, for aerobic
      • Amphetamines- increases arousal
      • Beta blockers- reduces HR, BP and tension. Heart failure
      • Anabolic steroids- increase lean body mass, artificial strength and power. Masculine features
      • Human growth hormone- bone growth. Increases lean body mass, artificial strength and power.
    • Any substance or method which enhances performance
    • Psychological
      • Imagery
      • Visualisation
      • Hypnosis
      • Music
    • Physiological
      • Altitude training- Live high, train low. Increase density and volume of haemoglobin
      • Therapies- physio, acupuncture, massage, ice baths, belts, vests. recovery pump system
      • Blood doping- removal of athletes blood, stored, body re manufactures blood, replace blood. Temporary increase in RBC.  HIV and transfusion reaction.
      • REPO- infusion of hormone EPO. Increases VO2 max, RBC production= increase in aerobic perfoamance. Blod clots, stroked and low resting HR
    • Mechanical
      • Nasal strips
      • Specialist clothing- lycra etc
      • Specialist equipment- bike frames, resistance equipment etc
      • Compression clothing
      • Strapping shot putters fingers/hand
      • Artificial springs
      • Weights in hand when jumping
      • Weights attatched to feet when throwing
    • Doping
      • Administration of any substance/physiological aid foreign to the body with the sole intention of increasing performance in an artifical or unfair manner.
      • Faster, stronger, train harder/longer,increased chance of success, increase aggression, control nerves, muslce hypertrophy, weight control
      • How to stop
        • Random tesiting
        • Liaison between relevant organisations
        • Strict sanctions/punishments
        • Unified NGB polices
        • positive/ negative role models
        • More money into research and testing
        • Education


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