equipment and tools

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  • equipment and tools
    • Sewing machines
      • used to join fabrics and do simple embroidery
      • has limited features
    • An overlocker
      • specialised sewing machine for joining and finishing fabrics
      • gives seams and hems a professional finish
      • can be used for adding decorative edgings
    • An embroidery machine
      • similar to a standard machine but with additional features
      • can create lots of different decorative features
    • A computerised sewing machine
      • is an advanced sewing machine with many features
      • is controlled by a computer interface
      • can produce designs that are digitalised and sent to the machine via computer
    • Knitting machine
      • used to create fabrics that are patterned or textured
      • can be linked to a computer to speed up manufacture
    • Weaving loom
      • use to produce fabrics
      • hand looms, ground looms, backstrap looms, frame looms


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