Equilibrium Chemistry (Chemical Idea 7)

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  • Equilibrium in Chemistry
    • Chemical equilibrium.
      • DYNAMIC
        • Rate of forward and reverse reactions are equal.
        • Concentration of products and reactants are CONSTANT but not always the same
    • Equilibrium constant
      • Changes
        • Concentration
        • Temperature
        • Pressure
      • Kc = [C]c[D]d  / [A]a [B]b
        • Kc > 1  means that there are more products than reactants. Equilibrium lies to the RHS
          • Kc >> 1 (greater than 10^10) reaction has gone to completion
        • Kc < 1  means that there are more reactants than products. Equilibrium lies to the LHS
          • Kc Ksp, the solid will precipitate out of solution
    • Le Chatelier's Principle
    • Solubility equilibria
    • Gas-liquid chromatograp-hy
      • Principles the same as TLC
      • Mobile phase
        • Unreactive gas
      • Stationary phase
        • Small amount of liquid with a high boiling point.
        • Kpc
          • The partition coefficient: The distribution of the components of the sample between the stationary and mobile phases.
          • [Component in stationary phase] / [component in mobile phase]


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