Equilibrium summary

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  • equilibrium
    • Dynamic equilibrium: •closed system •rate of forwards reaction is equal to the backwards reaction•concentrations of reactants and products are constant
    • Le Chatalier: •when a system is in dynamic equilibrium and is subjected to a change, the position of equilibrium will shift to oppose the change
    • A+BC1. conc. of A increased2. equilibrium shifts to the right to decrease the concentration of A
    • A(g)+B(g)C(g)1. increase pressure 2. equilibrium shifts to right 3.equilibrium shifts to side with fewest gaseous moles
    • A+BC1.?H +increase temperature2.equilibrium shifts to right -favors forward endothermic reaction
    • Kc=products    reactants1. units variable2.conc=moldm-3
    • factors affecting Kc:. temperature-increase temperature- equilibrium shifts to favor endothermic reaction- value of Kc inreases
    • factors not affecting Kc:conc. and pressure-no affect on Kc -system no longer in equilibrium -bottom of Kc expression increases -to restore Kc the top expression increases and bottom decreases
    • Kc and composition:-what happens to Kc - top expression increases and bottom decreases
    • -Initial Moles-Change -Equilibrium moles -Equilibrium conc.


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