The equilibrium constant

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  • Equilibrium
    • At equilibrium the amount of reactants and products stay the same. As the reactants get used up, the forward reaction slows down_and as more products are formed the reverse reaction speeds up.
      • The amount of products and reactants won't be changing_this is dynamic equilibrium_can only happen in a closed system, constant temperature
    • Definitions
      • Homogeneous System : all reactants and products are in the same phase
      • Heterogeneous system: Reactants and products are not in the same phase
    • Kc is the equilibrium constant
      • Only affected by temperature
        • If you increase temperature you add heat the equilibrium shifts in the endothermic direction to absorb heat
        • Decreases the temperature removes heat so the equilibrium shifts in the exothermic direction
        • If the change means more product is formed Kc will rise. If it means less products is formed then Kc will decrease
      • Kc is products on the top, reactants on the bottom, powers are the moles


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