equestrian order

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    • reorganisation of order
      • augustus attempted to prevent hostility between the senate and the equites.
        • aimed to find new positions for the quotes that would not clash with the senators.
          • he also aimed to reorganise the order so that it was not just a class of wealthy men but some successful lower classes as well such as the veteran centurions.
    • positions available for equites
      • the civil service allowed Augustus to employ talented equites who had experience in banking, tax collecting and business.
    • revived military aspect
      • augustus also wanted to revive the ancient link between the equites and the military. this revived republican traditions but also emphasised that equites who wished to undertake administrative responsibilities would have to undergo real military service.
    • qualifications for membership.
      • needed an honourable character with a census rating of 4,000,000 sesterces. but it also depended on the approval of augustus.
        • Augustus carried out a periodical revision of the rolls.
        • membership entitles equites to wear a tunic with a narrow purple stripe, to occupy the first 14 rows in the theatre, to wear a gold ring and to sit on the jury courts.
          • a member was also presented with a horse- augustus revived the annual march-past of knights and their horses before the consuls.
    • possible career path for equites
      • commander of auxiliary infantry cohort or auxiliary cavalry squadron.
        • staff officer in a legion
          • cohort commander of troops stationed in Rome e.g. praetorian guard
            • procurator- personal agent of Augustus- e.g. financial agent.
              • the great praefectures
                • commander of the fire brigade
                  • administrator of grain supply after 8AD
                    • commander of praetorian guard
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