Theme - Equality

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  • Equality
    • Social and political message
      • The Inspector is his mouth-piece
        • He highlights the inequalities about the society
          • The B's life is compared the lower class (page 15)
        • His point is gradually being more forced as the play goes on
          • "In fire and blood and anguish" (page 56)
            • Sheila and Eric are scared of the future
              • If it doesn't change
              • Priestly hopes for the younger genartaion
                • They're not as set in their ways
                  • More impressionable
    • Mr B shows his belief in the class structure
      • Acknowledges Mrs Crofts social position
    • Mr B dismissed the strikers
      • Gerald agrees
      • Eric disagrees
    • Page 41: Shelia challenges her mothers views in the class structure
      • This shows that Sheila is gaining in confidence and becoming her own person


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