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  • Equality
    • The Inspector is a mouthpiece, who highlights the inequalities in society
    • The comfortable middle-class life of the Birlings is compared with the lives of their working-class employees
    • The Inspector highlights injustices and inequalities.
    • The Inspector makes his point concerning equality more and more forceful as the play progresses
    • "They will be taught in fire blood and anguish"
    • Sheila and Eric are affected by the Inspector's words and are fearful of what the future will bring if society does not change
    • Hope for a more just society seems to lie with the younger generation
    • The young are "more impressionable" according to the Inspector
    • The Birlings are a family of wealth and power, who take pride in their high social position
    • The Birlings have used their power and influence immorally, in disempowering and worsening the position of a girl from a lower class
    • The children grow ashamed of their family’s ability to use their influence immorally and the parents remain proud of their social and economic position and do not understand their children’s concern
    • The play demonstrates the corruption implicit within a capitalist economy in which wealth and influence are concentrated in a small portion of the population
    • "Birling: It’s a free country, I told them"
    • "Gerald: We’re respectable citizens and not dangerous criminals"
    • "You know, of course, that my husband was Lord Mayor only two years ago and that he’s still a magistrate?" - Mrs Birling
    • "Girls of that class" - Mrs Birling
    • "Probably a socialist or some sort of crank - he talked like one" - Mr Birling
    • "Why shouldn't they try for higher wages? We try for the highest possible prices." - Eric
    • The girls who lead a worker’s strike, in Birling's factory  represent those trying to improve the rights, and wages of laborers and the lower classes


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