Equailty Act

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  • Equailty Act
    • The act covers
      • Race
      • Age
      • Disability
      • Sex
      • Mental health
    • Key features
      • Makes direct and indirect discrimination illegal
      • Protects people from harassment and victimisation
      • It covers education, housing, employment and transport
      • Sustem of redress
      • Aims to stop discrimination but also to promote equal opportunities
    • Strengths
      • Gives people rigths
      • Helps to raise awareness
      • Protects people form harassment, victimisation, direct & indirect discrimination
      • Protects people who have or associated with someone whom are in the protected characteristic
    • Weaknesses
      • Cab difficult to prove it
      • Fear of victimisation if they compain and seek redress
      • Financial and Emotional cost
      • Doesn't change people's attitudes
      • still cases of discrimination


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