Explinations for Forgetting - Interference Theory

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  • Eplanation for Forgetting Interference Theory
    • Main infomation
      • Two memories are competing
      • The more similar the memories are the more interference it causes
    • Proactive Interference
      • Coding of a new memory being interfered with due to past similar memories
      • e.g. Remembering an old number instead of trying to recall the new number
    • Retroactive interference
      • Coding of new information disrupts previously stored information (backwards)
      • E.g. Unable to remember old phone number because of the new one in memory now
    • McDonald et al
      • What done?
        • Participants given 10 words to learn until they could remember with 100% accuracy
        • Participants then had to learn a new set
          • One new set out of 6
      • What found?
        • Greatest interference came when memories were most similar
      • So what?
      • Evaluation
        • Strength
          • Lab study
            • Valid results due to control of extraneous variables
        • Limitation
          • Lab study
            • Lacks mundane realism
    • Baddeley and Hitch
      • What done?
        • Everyday situation
        • asked rugby players the names of teams they had played that reason week by week
      • What found?
        • Interference from number of players rather than time between their last game and recall
    • Burke et all
      • What done?
        • Everyday situation
        • participants given magazine adverts who had to recall details of what they had seen
      • What found?
        • Greatest interference when adverts were similar
          • Competitive interference


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