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  • episode one
    • married women have no control over their body
      • have no voice
      • male patriachal  siociety
        • men can cheat on their wives but women would be hated if they did the same
      • sexually powerless
    • she has no one, no husband no family she is a foreigner
    • creon comes and tell medea she is in exile
      • she has to go immediately as he worried she will cause harm to hid daughter
      • she lowers her self saying what can she possibly do shes only a woman
      • she says she can not blame him or glauce
      • she gets on her knees as a supplicant
        • shows vulnerability and weakness
      • appeals to him as a father
        • her empathizes and gives her one day to find a place for her and her boys to live
    • role reversal because she outwits him and makes him the vulnerable one
    • ominous as she turns herself from a victim to a villain
    • if she kills them with her own hands she may get caught and killed and she doesn't want to give enemies satisfaction
      • so she will poison them if fate gives her a sign
      • but if not she will kill them even if she means she will get killed herself becuase no where else will except her
      • she is gleeful at the thought of her revenge
        • behaviour is psychotic
        • but she is not reckless


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