Buddhist and Christian teachings

teachings for gcse level ethics and philospohy - buddhist and christian 

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  • EP- teachings
    • Buddhist
      • Metta - love and kindness
      • 1st Precept - avoid hurting any living thing
      • 8 Fold Path- right things for the right intentions
      • Sangah - everyone is welcome to the Buddhist community
      • karma - what goes around comes around
      • reincarnation
      • turtle anthology - it is rare to be born as a human
      • do not cloud your mind with alcohol and drugs
    • Christian
      • Stewardship - We are here to look after the earth and everything in it on behalf of God
      • Love your neighbor as you love yourself
      • An eye for an eye , tooth for a tooth
      • 6th Commandment - you must not murder
      • sanctity of life - life is sacred
      • treat other as you wish to be treated
      • the good Samaritan
      • parable of the sower man - reap what you sow
      • god made mankind in his image
      • body is a temple of the holy spirit
      • Alcohol makes you loud and foolish
  • same meaning
    • parable of the sower man - reap what you sow
    • karma - what goes around comes around


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