Enzymes in Action-B6

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  • Enzymes in Action
    • Biological washing powders
      • Amylase-digest starch
      • Lipase-digest fat and remove fatty stains
      • Protease-digest protein and remove protein stains
      • Products are soluble, easily wash out
    • Enzymes can be immobilised in gel beads
      • Mix enzyme with alginate, drop mixture in calcium chloride solution
      • Useful in reactions
        • Continuous flow process
        • Mixture is contaminated with the enzyme
    • People can be lactose intolerant-cannot produce lactase
      • Bacteria ferment lactose
        • Treating milk: immobilised lactase-convert lactose to glucose and galactose-absorbed with no side effects
    • Work best at moderate temperatures (optimum)
      • May denature in in acidic or alkaline water
    • Sucrose-broken down by sucrase (invertase)
      • Invertase converts sucrose into glucose and fructose
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