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  • Digestion and enzymes
    • Enzymes are protein molecules which act as biological catalyst. they help seed up chemical reactions in living things
    • The active site is especial region of the enzyme where the substance fits in. the reaction takes place here
    • At very low temperatures the enzymes are substrates are not colliding and very few reaction can occur
      • As the temperatures increase the enzymes and substrates gain more kinetic energy
      • They move more causing correct collisions to occur
      • This result in more product being formed
    • Optimum temperature- this is the temperature at which the enzyme works best. 35 -40 degr
      • The highest rate of reaction occurs here
      • The most product is formed in given time
    • Denatured-At very high temperatures the substrate and the enzyme have even more kinetic energy and move faster. around 60 degrees
      • Too high temperature causing the shape of the active sie to change
      • The substrate no lover fits so less product can be formed
  • The most product is formed in given time


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