Enzymes and Digestion

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  • Enzymes and Digestion
    • digestive enzymes break down big molecules into small ones
      • starch, proteins and fats are BIG molecules.
        • too big to pass the walls of the digestive system.
          • digestive enzymes break down the BIG molecules into the smaller ones.
            • pass easily through the walls of the digestive system
      • sugar, amino acids , glycerol and fatty acids are much smaller
        • pass easily through the walls of the digestive system
    • Amylase
      • convert starch into sugars
      • made in three places
        • Salivary gland (Dissolving bread)
        • Pancreas
        • small intestine (Im small)
      • AMYlase (i eat a lot of starch)
    • Protease
      • convert proteins into amino acids
      • made in three places
        • stomach
        • Pancreas
        • small intestine
      • PROTEase - PROTEins
    • Lipase
      • converts lipids into glycerol and fatty acids
      • made in two places
        • Pancreas
        • Small intestine
      • lipids are fats and oils
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