Enzymes and Digestion

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  • Enzymes and Digestion
    • Digestive Enzymes break down big molecules
      • Starch, protein and fats are big molecules
        • Too big to pass through walls off digestive system
      • Sugars, amino acids, glycerol and fatty acids are small molecules
        • They can easily pass through walls off digestive system
    • Amylase converts Starch into Sugars
      • Amylase is made in
        • 1) The salivary glads
        • 2) The pancreas
        • 3)The small intestine
    • Protease converts Proteins into Amino Acids
      • Protease is made in
        • 1)The stomach (pepsin)
        • 2)The pancreas
        • 3)The small intestine
    • Lipase converts Lipids into Glycerol and Fatty Acids
      • Lipase is made in
        • 1)The pancreas
        • 2)The small intestine
    • Bile
      • It neutralises the stomach acid and emulsifies fats
      • Its produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder before released into the small intestine
      • Its an alkaline so neutralises the acid in the stomach
      • It emulsifies fats, so breaks the fat into tiny droplets


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