Enzymes and Digestion

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  • Enzymes and Digestion
    • Amylase Converts Starch Into Maltose (Sugars)
      • Made in salivary glands, pancreas and small intestine
    • Protease Converts Proteins Into Amino Acids
      • Made in stomach, pancreas and small intestine
    • Lipase Converts Lipids into Glycerol and Fatty Acids
      • Made in pancreas and the small intestine
    • Bile Neutralises the Stomach Acid and Emulsifies Fats
      • Produced in the liver, stored in the gall bladder before its releases into the small intestine
      • Bile= alkaline, so it neutralises the hydrochloric acid
      • Emulsifies fats- breaks fat into tiny droplets- bigger surface area- makes digestion faster
    • Digestive System
      • Salivary Glands- produce amylase enzyme in the saliva
      • Gullet
      • Liver- bile is produced, bile neutralises stomach acid and emulsifies fats
      • Stomach- pummels food with its muscular walls, produces the protease enzyme pepsin, produces hydrochloric acid to kill bacteria and give right pH for the protease enzyme to work
      • Gall bladder- bile is stored, before its released into the small intestine
      • Pancreas- produces protease, amylase and lipase enzyme- then released into the small intestine
      • Small intestine- produces protease, amylase and lipase enzyme to complete digestion, digested food absorbed into the blood
      • Large Intestine- excess water is absorbed from the food
      • Rectum- faeces are stored before they exit through the anus


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