Enzyme chapter 9

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  • enzymes
    • they are globular, which acts as a catalyst by lowering the activation energy
      • they control virtually all metabolic reactions in and out of cells
    • each enzyme has its own substrate
      • this is because there has to be a perfect match between the active site and substrate
        • in order for the enzyme substrate complex to form
        • usually binding with the substrate will cause a change in the enzymes shape, allowing it to compliment the substrate perfectly
          • this is called induced fit
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    • anything that affects the active site, i.e temperature or change in ph will cause a reduction in activity and denaturing of the enzyme
    • inhibitors
      • competitive inhibition
        • this is when the inhibitor competes with the substrate for a position in the active site
          • concentration levels can mean if the inhibitor works or not
      • non-competitve inhibitors
        • these bind to an alosteric site that alters the active site so it can't form the esc
      • can be reversible or irreversible depending on the timings


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