Enzymes - Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Enzymes
    • Advantages
      • Can be used over and over again
      • Speeds up reactions
      • Products are made without the need for high temperatures
        • so they are energy saving
      • Many come from microorganisms that can easily grown
      • Many have been tried and tested for hundreds of years
      • Drugs for the medical industry can be made easily on a large scale
        • so world health is improved
      • Have many varied applications
    • Disadvantages
      • Some people are allergic to them
      • Often need to be made in a large vessel, called a fermenter
        • which can be costly
      • Some people don't like the idea of using microorganisms in food
      • Are water soluble
        • can be difficult to reclaim from a liquid
      • expensive to produce


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