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  • Enzymes
    • Globular proteins that act as catalysts
    • Reusable
    • Specific 3D shape
    • Only small part functions
      • Active site
        • If shape changes it is no longer complementary
    • Lock and key
      • Substrate and enzyme are complementary of each others shape
      • Substrate and enzymes bind together to form an substrate-enzyme complex
    • Induced fit
      • Active site slightly changes shape
    • Factors effecting activity
      • pH
      • Temperature
      • Substrate and enzyme concentration
      • Inhititors
        • Competetive
          • Substrate must bind but it is prevented by the presence of an inhibitor with a similar shape
            • They must compete fort he active site, this reduces the reaction
        • Non-Competetive
          • same molecule inhibits reaction as it binds to the allosteric site
            • This alters the tertiary shape, making the active site no longer complementary


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