enzymes in digestion

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  • enzymes in digestion
    • enzymes catalyse specific reactions in living organisms
    • the activity of enzymes is affected by changes in temperature and pH
    • digestive enzymes speed up the conversion of large insoluble molecules into small soluble molecules that can be absorbed
    • bile (not an enzyme)
      • made in liver
      • stored in gall bladder
      • emulsifies lipids to increase surface area
        • to increase the rate of lipid break down by lipase
      • changes pH to neutral for lipase to work
    • lipase
      • made in pancreas
      • works in the small intestine
      • breaks down lipids (fats) to glycerol and fatty acids
    • protease
      • made in stomach and pancreas
      • breaks down proteins to amino acids
    • carbohydrase
      • made in the salivary glands, pancreas and small intestine
      • breaks down carbohydrates to simple sugar


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