Enzymes and digestion

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  • Enzymes and Digestion
    • Carbohyrdrase
      • Carbohydrates
        • simple sugars
          • Mouth, stomach and small intestine
    • Protease
      • Proteins
        • Amino acids
          • Stomach
    • Lipase
      • Lipids(fats)
        • fatty acids and glycerol
          • small intestine
    • digestion is the breaking down of large insoluble molecules into smaller, soluble molecules that can be absorbed through the wall of the small intestine
    • Most enzymes produced in the pancreas
    • Acid in the stomach
      • denatures proteins making digestion easier
      • activates stomach enzymes
      • Pepsin is a protease found in the stomach at works at at optimum pH of 1.5-2 (acidic)
        • Whereas trypsin produced by the pancreas and secreted into the small intestine works at an optimum pH of 6 or 7  (alkali)
    • Bile neutralises acid from the stomach and emulsifies fat droplets to increase their surface area allowing enzymes to work more effectively so that proteases such as pepsin and  trypsin can break down proteins at their optimum pH


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