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  • Enzymes
  • They have specific shapes called active sites.
    • this is where the
  • The active site will have a specific shape depending on what it does.
  • They control the metabolism.
  • Enzymes have 3 functions
  • break down key molecules
    • Build up small molecules into big molecules
      • Change molecules from one form to another
  • Above the optimum tempretyure the enzymes began to change shape - denature.
    • Once all the enzymes have denatures the reaction stops
  • PH
  • Every Enzyme has an optimum ph where it acts as the best. If the ph changes other up or down, the enzymes become denatured.
    • In the body most enzymes need the amount of around ph 7, apart from epsin in the stomach, which needs acid conditions ph1-2
  • Concentration   More participial of either enzymes or substrates will speed up the rate of reaction.


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