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  • Enzymes
    • Enzymes are catalysts
      • Reactions in living things are controlled by enzymes
      • Enzymes are large proteins
      • They speed up reactions inside living things by acting as catalyst
        • A catalyst is a substance which increases the speed of reaction, without being changed or used up in the reaction
    • Have a special shape
      • Every enzyme has an active site with a unique shape
      • Lock and Key model
    • The substance an enzyme works on is called the substrate
    • Need the right temperature
      • A higher temp increases the rate at first
      • If it gets too hot, some of the bonds holding it together break
        • Changes the shape of the enzyme's active site, so the substrate won't fit anymore - enzyme is denatured
      • Enzymes have a temp that they work best at - optimum temperature
    • Need the right pH
      • If it's too high/low it affects the bonds holding it together
        • Changes the shape of the active site and denatures the enzyme
      • All enzymes have a pH that they work best at - optimum pH




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