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  • Enzymes
    • Enzymes are biological catalysts.
    • Catalysts are used to speed up chemical reactions but are not used up in the reaction themselves
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    • The enzymes have a specific active site that fits one type of substrate
    • Enzymes are large protein molecules
      • The long chains of protein molecules are folded to produce a molecule with an active site, which is specific to its substrate molecule.
    • If the temperature of pH level is too high the enzyme will become denatured which means the active site shape will change.
    • Benedict's Solution test for sugar- positive(green, yellow or brick-red) negative(blue)
      • Iodine solution test for Starch- positive(black) negative(orange)
    • Biuret Test for proteins- positive (pink/purple) negative (blue)
      • Sudan III Test for Lipids- positive( later of red) negative( no layer of red)


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