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  • Immunity
    • Vaccination
      • Herd Immunity
      • inactive antigens
        • Cause immune response
          • Memory Cells produced
    • Types
      • Natural Active
      • Natural Passive
      • Artificial Active
      • Artificial Passive
    • The Immune Response
      • Primary
        • Phagocytosis
          • Antigens on surface of pathogen trigger immune response
            • Phagocyte merges membrane and engulfs pathogen
              • Lysosome releases enzyme into phagocytic vacuole
                • Pathogen is hydrolysed
                  • Antigens are presented on phagocyte
        • T-Cell Activation
          • Cytotoxic T-Cells kill abnormal cells
          • Helper T-Cells release signals to stimulate phagocytes
        • B-Cell Activation
          • Bind to antigen presented on T-Cell to find comple-mentary fit
            • Produce plasma cells with identical antibodies
      • Secondary
        • Memory T and B-Cells
          • Replicate quickly
    • Ethics
      • Who should receive the vaccine first if a pandemic occurs?
      • Animal Testing
      • People who don't take the vaccine- not fair?


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