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  • Enzymes
    • Globular proteins with tertiary
    • Role of enzymes
      • Growth are anabolic and catalysed by enzymes.
      • Catabolic
        • Breaking down reactions.
    • Mechanism
      • Molecules collide randomly
        • Reaction- need to collide at right orientation
      • Specify
      • Energy needs to be supplied- activation.
    • Lock and key
      • Substrate attatches to the active site
        • Substrate must be complementary
      • Enzyme- product complex
    • Induced- fit
      • Active site changes shape to fit the substrate.
    • Intracellular
      • Enzymes that react within cells- catalase
    • Extracellular
      • Enzymes that work outside
      • Make use of polymers for nutrition.


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