Measuring Environmental Change

Measuring Environmental Change and Environmental Indicators, OCR 21st Century Science. 

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  • Environmental Indicators
    • Temperature
      • Indicator of Global Warming
      • Indicates climate of the environment is changing
    • Nitrate Level
      • In Water
      • Caused by Sewage or Fertilisers
      • Water being polluted
    • Carbon Dioxide Level
      • In Air
      • Could be caused by burning Fossil Fuels
      • Increases the rate of Global Warming
    • Lichen
      • In Air
      • Sensitive to levels of Sulfur Dioxide in the atmosphere
      • Number and Type of Lichen gives us an idea of how clean the air is
    • Mayfly Nymphs
      • Water Pollution
      • Sensitive to the level of Oxygen in Water, if it's clean - you'll find Mayfly Nymphs
      • Less Mayfly Nymphs = more bacteria from Sewage
    • Phytoplankton
      • Populations increase when the levels of nitrates and phosphates in WATER
      • Increase in nitrates and phosphates causes of ALGAL BLOOM which causes WATER POLLUTION
      • This pollutons could be caused by bad sewage treatment or adding fertilisers (Eutrophication)


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