Unit 4: Agriculture - Environmental Impacts

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  • Environmental Impacts
    • Habitat Destruction
      • Introduced species e.g. crops and livestock
      • Removed species e.g. competitors or pests
      • Some species encouraged e.g. indigenous predators, pollinators
      • Some species tolerated e.g. non-damaging wildlife
      • Some species colonise because of favourable conditions e.g. wildflowers
    • Introduced Species
      • Introduced Pests
        • Crop or livestock species that have colonised surrounding area and become pests
        • Some species accidentally introduced
      • Biological Control Species - may become pests themselves e.g. cane toad
    • Pollution
      • Fertilisers - leached off into water and cause eutrophication deoxygenation and the release of NOx gases
      • Pesticides - may be toxic or can bioaccum or magnify in food chains
      • Methane - livestock farming and rice padi fields release lots of CH4
      • Energy inputs - for machinery, agrochemical manufacture, transport and food processing and storage
    • Changes in Hydrological Cycle
      • Reduced evapo transpiration - changes rainfall in areas downwind
      • Increased runoff due to reduced vegetation and soil compaction using machinery - increased soil erosion and water loss
      • Over abstraction of rivers reduces flow downstream
      • Over abstraction of aquifers causes lowered water table - springs and rivers dry up


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