Environmental Explanations of Crime and Deviance.

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  • Environmental Explanations of Crime and Deviance.
    • Shaw and McKay.
      • Zone of Transition.
        • High levels of crime. Places which people move in and out of.
          • Quick money.
    • Sutherland.
      • Differential Association Theory.
        • Immersing ones self in a criminal culture.
    • Skogan.
      • In areas of high crime, the informal social control is reduced.
        • People stay inside, allowing crime to take place with little witnesses.
    • Cohen and Felson.
      • Routine.
        • People take part in crime in areas they know.
    • Hobbs.
      • Nocturnal Economy.
    • Baldwin and Bottoms.
      • Tipping.
        • A location becomes so criminal that the non criminal move away.
          • This allows more criminals to move in.
            • This creates a criminal location.
    • Shearing.
      • Privatisation of Public Space.


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