Environmental issues

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  • Environmental issues
    • The causes
      • Global warming
      • Natural climate change
      • Solar acitivity
    • pollutions and their solutions
      • acid rain, human waste, eutrophication, radioactive pollution
      • producing electricity by wind, water etc
      • more efficient means of waste disposal, recycling, nuclear reprocessing and geological solutions storage
      • people being fined to stop dropping litter
    • the scarcity of natural resources
      • resources are a problem because non renewable resources (oil, natural gas etc) will disappear. This will lead to major problems
      • alternative energy supplies, recycling and changing lifestyles could help solve the problems
    • Christian teachings on STEWARDSHIP
      • they believe God gave humans the job to look after the earth so it can be passed on the next generation
        • they were given the right to rule over the Earth, but only as his stewards (genesis)
        • they believe they will be judged on their behaviour as stewards
      • must treat animals and the land kindly
      • have a responsibility to leave the Earth a better place than they found it
      • have a responsibility to make sure the Earths resources are shared fairly
    • Islam teachings on STEWARDSHIP
      • God created Adam as his Khalifah (someone who looks after things for you)
        • this means that all Muslims are God's khalifahs who have to keep the balance of creation and look after the Earth for God the way set out in the Qur'an and Shari'ah
      • they believe they will be judged on the way they have looked after the Earth and the life on Earth
        • they believe life is a test from God


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