Environmental issues

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  • Environmental issues
    • Using up natural resources
      • Electronic devices contain lots of raw materials
      • Plastics come from crude oil
      • Devices contain precious metals and some are available in small amounts
      • Extracting these materials use a lot of energy, creating pollution
    • Using energy
      • Most electricity is made using non-renewable resources
      • Extracting the needed stuff creates pollution
      • Devices waste a lot of energy especially when left in idle mode
      • Ways to reduce it
        • Virtual servers are software based and so one physical server can run at max
        • Don't leave electronic devices on standby
    • E-waste
      • E-waste is the waste of technology
      • Device manufacturers give short warranties and so people add to the waste
      • Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) was created to reduce e-waste
        • They have rules for disposing e-waste and promote recycling
      • To cut costs, e-waste is shipped off to Africa where regulations are less strict


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