environmental influences

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  • environmental influences
    • reducing a businesses impact on the environment
      • e.g. reducing the amount of packaging used on products
      • e.g. recycling unwanted goods and delivery boxes
      • e.g. disposing of hazardous waste responsibly
        • so it doesn't pollute land or water
      • e.g. encouraging car share schemes
      • e.g. supporting cycle-to-work schemes
      • e.g. buying more efficient machinery that is less polluting
        • reducing air pollution
      • e.g. buy quieter machinery/ put up sound barriers
        • (for those in the construction industry)
        • reduces noise pollution
    • sustainability
      • being sustainable; working in a way that doesn't damage the earth for future generations
      • resource depletion
        • many resources used by businesses are non- renewable
          • if these resources run out there is no way of replacing them
      • global warming
        • many industries release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
          • co2 contributes to global warming


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