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  • environmental considerations-FSC
    • the FSC( FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL)  are a global organisation that exists to protest the world's forests.
    • environmentally appropriate- ensuring that the harvest of timber does not affect forests biodiversity.
    • socially beneficial- they protect local people by sustaining the forest. this could include planting new trees or not harvesting trees that are important to local settlements.
    • economically benifitial- ensuring thatthe harvest of trees is suffuciently profitbale without the need to harvest too many trees.
    • advantages for af- provides them with an ethical usp so customers buying their furniture know that they are contributing to the world's forests. this could allow af to charge more for their products or more than competitor who do not have this usp. af also have confirmation that their purchase of wood is not damaging the environment and is supporting local economies around the world.
    • disadvantages..ethically sourced wood is likely to be  more expensive than non ethical.increasing af variable cost.however this is a cost that can be passed on to the customer.
    • verdict...if af import from overseas they may be able to source ethical but cheaper wood. this is because the world's largest forests are not in the uk. the more wood there is to harvest, the cheaper it will be.
    • THINGS TO CONSIDER... the quality of wood harvested from foreign forests, the time it takes to deliver will be much longer than in the uk. import duties from outside the eu will make the cost higher. the value of the currency in relation to gbp. a strong point makes importing cheaper whereas a weak pound makes importing more expensive.
    • weaker pound-good for exporting to canada......strong pound good for importing to sweden.


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