Entry level Double Award Biology 3.2.1

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  • Animals and plants 3.2.1
    • Word equation for p synthesis
      • Carbon dioxide + water = Glucose and oxygen
      • Green plants and algae absorb light and make glucose.  These are called producers
    • Animals compete for food, mates and territory
    • Plants compete for light, space, water and nutrients
    • Animals/Plantadapt for survival where they live
      • Polar bears in the arctic
      • Cacti in the desert
    • Food Chains and Food Webs
    • Decay of dead plants and animals by micro organisms produce carbon into the atmosphere to be used as carbon dioxide by plants
    • Radiation from the sun is source of energy for living organisms
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    • Animals and plants are subject to environmental changes
      • Non-Living factors
        • Change in temperature Change in rainfall
      • Living Factors
        • Predators Competitors
    • Pollution of the environment
      • Water
        • Sewage, Chemicals and fertilisers
      • Air
        • Smole, gases cause acid rain
      • Land
        • Landfill, Pesticides
      • Higher Population growth so more resources needed and more waste


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