Entropy & Direction of Change

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  • Entropy & the Direction of Change
    • 'Number of ways'
      • The more ways an event can occur, the more likely it is to happen
        • Substances always tend to mix unless there is something stopping them
          • E.g
            • Strong attractive forces holding one set of molecules together
              • Therefore they can't easily break away from each other & mix
      • Events that happen are the ones that are most likely to
    • Entropy
      • A measure of the number of ways a chemical system can be arranged
      • Higher entropy if...
        • More spread-out
        • More mixed up
        • More disordered
        • Its a gas over a liquid or solid
          • Molecules in gas arranged in completely random order
        • Its a liquid over a solid
          • The more crystalline, regular the structure of a solid, the lower the entropy
            • E.g. Diamond
        • A larger molecule compared to a smaller one
      • S
      • Predicting entropy change in a reaction
        • Entropy of products will be greater than reactants if...
          • Solids -> liquids -> gases
          • More moles of gaseous products than reactants
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  • S


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