Characteristics of an entreprenuer

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  • Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
    • Innovators: Successful entrepreneurs are innovators as they introduce something compeletly new into the market. (Whether it is an already existing market or a completely new one.) They identify gaps in the market and create products accordinly to satisfy customer needs. OR They adapt and already existing product or service to create thier business.
    • Taking Initiative: Successful entrepreneurs take the first step in establishing a change or improving something that had already existed.
    • Risk Takers: Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks and accept the profuts that come with success and the losses that accompany failure. As there is always an element of risk in the business failing and the money invested in going to waste.
    • Resilient: Successful/ Resilent entrepreneurs can face an almost slew of challenges and setbacks without weakening thier resolve.
    • Committment


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