Enthalpy change

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  • Enthalpy change from Experiments
    • Energy transferred in a reaction can be calculated from the temp change of the system (if in solution) or a measured mass of water (in calorimetry experiements)
    • To find enthalpy of combustion of a flammable liquid, you burn it...
      • As fuel burns, it heats the water. Can workout the heat absorbed by the water if you know the mass of water, temp change of water and teh SHC (4.18 Jg-1K-1) of water
        • All heat given out by the fuel as it burns would be absorbed by the water
    • Calorimetry can also be used to calculate the enthalpy change for a reaction that happens in solutions, such as neutralisation or displacement
      • Enthalpy change of neutralisation reaction, add a known vol of acid to an insulated container and measure the temp
        • Add a known vol of alkali, record the temperature rise (stir the solution to make sure the solution is evenly heated)
          • Can work out the heat needed to raise the temp of the solution formed
    • Vol in calculations as 1cm3 of water has a mass of 1g
    • Formula


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