Enron Lucy Prebble Critics

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  • Enron By Lucy Prebble Critics
    • Clements     'In the gleaming edifice of Skilling's Enron - all glass, transparency, and openness - is a huge irony.'
    • Clements     'A culture of competitive machismo was at the heart of Enron's practices.'
    • Billington  'Skilling is a marlovian overreacher.'
    • Hitchings  'Here is the blustering energy of capitalism, the illusion of being a delirious romp; and here too its narcissism and testosterone-fueled nastiness.'
    • Prebble 'I don't believe women are inherently more "moral" than men'
    • Spencer 'the lack of naturalism in the production reflects the unreality of Enron it's self'
    • Clements 'Skilling is neither messiah-like nor antihero, but an "ordinary crook"'
    • Enron's 1998 Annual Report '"ruthlessness, callousness and arrogance don't belong here"removed by 2000'
    • McLean 'The tale of Enron is a story of human weakness, greed and rampant self-delusions'
    • Cote 'The house of cards comes crashing down'
    • Benedict 'A savage satire on high capitalism'
    • Megson 'Enron atomizes the collapse of belief'
    • Gall 'The shows real strength lies in the moral questions it poses'
    • Hemming 'Prebble conveys the danger and allure of greed'


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